Being a dialysis technician is an important and lifesaving job. That in and of itself is a huge benefit for many working dialysis technicians because of the rewarding feelings that come along with saving lives. Even so, having job benefits is a huge plus, and one that can be had when working in this field. Benefits usually make the pot sweeter when it comes to accepting a job offer, and employers certainly use them to help pull in a large pool of candidates when help is needed. So what are the top dialysis technician benefits you should expect as you search for employment? What should you be looking for and which benefits make a position worth accepting? Keep reading to find out.

1. The Salary

Of course the first  dialysis technician benefit is the salary. Now some may not call this a benefit yet if you think about it in the following 

Dialysis technician benefits

terms, you may see it differently. Earning your paycheck is something you expect when you work. However, if you are working in a high demand job, such as a dialysis technician, the pay is higher than the typical entry level job. That is definitely a plus, right? Or in other words, a benefit. The key to nailing this benefit is sticking with the career path. Your first year working as a dialysis technician, expect to make between $10,000 and $14,000 per year or $10 to $14 per hour. This will depend on where you live and the company you work for. It may take about four or five years, but your pay will  rise to between $13 and $16 per hour. After reaching ten years of dialysis experience you can expect to be earning upwards of $17 per hour. If you want to climb the pay scale quicker you can take continuing education courses and move to areas in the country where the demand for dialysis technicians is highest. Both of these moves combined will get your pay up much quicker and that is definitely a benefit.

2. Advancement Opportunities

Another benefit to consider is advancement. Most every career path has room for advancement as long as you are willing to put in the time and effort to be recognized. The problem is that not all companies have a place for you to grow into. This is why the best jobs are those where you know you have a chance to climb the ladder of success. Continuing education is also valid when it comes to advancement. For instance, if you have been working as a dialysis technician for five years and you take some courses to further your education in your field, you can apply for the position of biomedical equipment tech when an opening in your company becomes available. Most companies prefer to promote from within rather than hire new employees since they save money on recruiting and training. Keep in mind that the job outlook for dialysis technicians and others who work in the health care field is excellent. Though high advancement rate is bad for needy patients, because they see new faces instead of the same one consistently, it is wonderful for those working in the field. Each year, the need for dialysis technicians increases as the baby boomer population ages. In field advancement may not seem like a typical benefit but it really is.

3. The Package Deal

Now, let’s get down to what we really think of when we consider dialysis technician job benefits. When we think about job benefits the first things that typically come to mind include:

3a. medical

3b. dental

3c. vision insurance

3d. 401k plans with employer matching

3e. sick and vacation days

3f. holiday pay and overtime

3g. retirement

While the benefits you are offered will vary from company to company, the majority of places that hire dialysis technicians offer almost all, if not every one, of the benefits. The reason being is employers know that a happy employee is a productive employee and their goal is to help maximize your productivity. An employee who is both happy and productive is much less likely to look for work elsewhere so employee turnover is low. This is excellent for all companies and they recognize this. This is yet another reason why so many people pursue their education as a dialysis technician. But again, no matter how good the benefits are or how good the pay is, if you do not have the heart for the job then you will not be happy, your employer will not be happy with you and your patients will be able to tell that you do not like what you are doing. Have a passion for helping others and the benefits will be icing on the cake.