How Much Is A Dialysis Technician’s Salary?Dialysis technician salary

When considering careers and the right path to take for our life, salary almost always plays a part in our consideration. If you are considering becoming a dialysis technician certainly you will want to know how much you can expect to be paid. Value should be rewarded and the value provided by a dialysis technician to the lives of their patients and the facilities they work for is very high. Rightfully so the reward for this value should be high as well. As a dialysis technician you should expect a salary that is comparable to the amount of value you bring to the facility where you will work. The good news is since dialysis technicians are in such high demand – and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) this demand will continue to grow (the current number of dialysis technicians working in the United States has risen to nearly 90,000) – the average salary is likely to grow as well. Because of this optimistic outlook on dialysis technician salary growth we do not expect this field to suffer from the problem that so many other fields have, which is there just simply is not enough money to make a decent living of off. Now on to the good stuff.

Most every profession’s salary will vary depending on several factors, including experience, education, work environment, and geographical location of the job itself. For instance, a dialysis technician in New York City is likely to make more money than a dialysis technician in North Carolina. Each state has different salary standards, mainly due to the cost of living in said state. It costs more to live in a state like New York than it does to live in a state like North Carolina. When employers set the dialysis technician salary for their clinic, they must take into consideration the area in which they live and what other companies are paying as well as the value created by the technician. Employers are constantly struggling with paying a technician enough to keep them there but too much so the reward exceeds the value. Staying competitive in the area of salary and benefits is a huge contributing factor to employee turnover and employee satisfaction. Consider this; you have been offered a dialysis technician job from two different companies. Company A is willing to pay you $15 per hour with no benefits, but Company B is offering you $18 per hours plus benefits. Sure it is only three dollars more per hour (and the benefits are nothing to sneeze at either!) but that three dollars will play a big part in the job you choose to take, right? Of course it would!

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2010 dialysis technicians made anywhere between $25,000 and $65,000 per year. The average median salary was $38,000 per year with those falling in the middle of the average pay scale making between $30,000 and $50,000 per year. As mentioned above, what you can make as a dialysis technician depends on several factors (the value you create). First there is the employer and the work environment. Dialysis technicians can find employment in hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, outpatient offices and other medical centered environments. The BLS states that those who work in hospitals make close to $45,000 per year while those who work in doctor’s offices made about $39,000 per year. These are just general numbers because the other factors must be worked in as well.

Some other interesting findings include the BLS found dialysis technicians working in the state of Tennessee made more than dialysis technicians in any other state. Their average salary across the state is over $55,000 per year which is higher than the typical national average. In comparison, dialysis technicians working in California, a state that is notorious for having a high cost of living, made about $46,000 per year. This is quite a noticeable difference! Then looking at Connecticut, one of our smallest states, the average salary for a dialysis technician is about $53,000 per year while Texas, one of our largest states, only pays about $36,000 per year. You can see your geographic location plays a significant role in the dialysis technician salary level set by employers.

Of all the above factors, you certainly cannot count out experience. Where there are differences in pay in one location or at one company, the experience the dialysis technician has plays an important role in how much they will make. Those who have 10+ years working as a dialysis technician are likely to make a significant amount more than someone who only has a year or two under their belt. This is true no matter how long you have worked for a specific company. In the medical field, experience typically takes precedence over seniority. Keep all these things in mind when considering the money you can make working in this field and when deciding if a salary offer is acceptable or not.