dialysis technician study hacksBecoming a dialysis technician is easier said than done. You need to spend hours in the classroom, carry out intense clinical studies, spend time in the laboratory, and then receive hands-on training in your respective area of specialization. Moreover, you need to memorize tons of information for clearing the different examinations related to your specific field.

To make sure that you don’t lag behind your peers, take a good look at the valuable study hacks below.

Exercise Before Your Exam

Dr. Chuck Hillman of the University of Illinois conducted some research that showed how exercising for about 20 minutes could enhance your brain’s performance. When you exercise, your brain power and memory significantly improves and you are able to remember things easily. You could take a walk, go jogging, or do any other form of exercise before taking the exam.

Read Aloud While Learning Something

Though it might sound nothing more than amusing or cliché, reading aloud can help you learn information much easily and conveniently. Your chances of remembering something increase by 50 percent when you speak loudly, as compared to when you are simply reading text quietly or in your head.

Create a Mind Map

While studying, try to create maps in your mind to build association amongst the different things you have memorized. This will help you in remembering a piece of information very easily. Mind maps are a great way to connect different ideas as they help you in creating visual overviews of various connections. While making a mind map, remember to delve in deeper in an issue and brainstorm as much as possible so you can create several helpful connections between the different elements of that topic.

Utilize Flashcards

Making flashcards is another fantastically effective study hack. Create lots of flashcards that contain definitions, formulae and theories, which will help you to memorize things much more quickly. You can even self-assess your knowledge with the help of these flashcards.

Watch Documentaries Related to Your Topic

During the times when you feel that you can no longer stuff any more information into your brain, you should take the help of a good documentary or an interesting video that is somehow related to your topic. Search for a relevant video on Google or YouTube; by the end of it, you will have a clearer idea of that concept and will be able to memorize it quickly. Save relevant videos that you come across so that you can watch them whenever you get the chance.

Take Short but Regular Breaks

Make sure to take lots of short breaks in between your study time in order to enhance your concentration. When you take a break, you relax your mind; this helps in improving its functionality. However, remember to keep your break between 10 to 15 minutes and take it after 45 to 60 minutes of studying.
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Listen to Good Study Music

Music can certainly help you learn fast and it can boost your brain power as well. However, you need to make sure that you are choosing appropriate study music to help you learn. While selecting a musical piece, try to opt for classical tunes as they are soothing and can freshen up your mind. Moreover, different studies have shown that Mozart can enhance your brain’s performance, which is known a clever little phenomenon called the “Mozart Effect.”

Instrumental music and sounds of rain, chirping birds, and bubbling brooks and streams can all soothe your mind as well, thus helping you to memorize a concept or a definition within just a couple of minutes.

Repeat a Definition Several Times

While memorizing a formula or a definition, repeat it several times until you remember each and every word of it.

Sleep Well Before Your Exam

Make sure to always sleep properly before your exam. A good night’s sleep is the key to success in your examination; sleep makes your body fresh and helps your brain in assimilating all the information you have memorized expediently. So, never ever stay awake the entire night before your exam as it will make your forget all that you have learnt.

Conduct Group Study Sessions

Group study sessions can help you to learn a difficult concept with a lot more ease. This is because you have been given the chance to receive valuable input from different people. Often, when you are unable to understand a complicated concept on your own, you can comprehend it easily when somebody else explains it to you using slightly different words or techniques.

Meditate as Much as Possible

Meditation is an extremely beneficial practice that can enhance your mental performance, facilitating you in learning as well as memorizing information. Meditation mitigates your stress; as soon as your stress alleviates, you are able to study more peacefully and more effectively. Moreover, meditation improves your ability to clearly focus on a topic, thus helping you to study it and learn it much faster.

Adopt as many of these study hacks as you can, particularly during your exam period, in order to master your dialysis technician program. This will encourage you and boost your chances at becoming an expert dialysis technician.