Kentucky Dialysis Technician Requirements

Kentucky keeps a sharp eye on those applying to work as dialysis technicians because the state understands that working with patients, especially when dealing with thier blood, is a big deal and it wants to protect its citizens as best as it can. The Kentucky Board of Nursing (KBN) has outlined detailed instructions pertaining to dialysis technicians, the application process, and their scope of work. Kentucky dialysis technician requirements can be found in full here but are summarized below.

In Kentucky you are not allowed to work as a dialysis technician until you are issued either a Dialysis Technician Applicant “DTA” or Dialysis Technician Credential “DTC” from the

Board of Nursing. To obtain either a DTA or DTC you must:

  1. Complete a KBN approved Dialysis Technician Training program

  2. Submit an “Application for DT Credential” to the Kentucky Board of Nursing DT Credentialing Program, 312 Whittington Pky Ste 300, Louisville KY 40222-5172 along with the following:

    1. Copy of Dialysis Technician Training program completion certificate

    2. Criminal history report

    3. If applicable, documents showing name change and other court records

    4. Check or money order payable to the Kentucky Board of Nursing for $70

    5. Fingerprint Card with $16.50 fee made payable to Kentucky State Police

      1. Mail to: Kentucky State Police, Records Branch, 1266 Louisville Rd, Frankfort, KY


The Board will then review the application and issue a credential that will be good for two (2) years. Towards the end of this 24 month period Kentucky will prompt you to renew your credential by following a similar process. The Board has a list of KBN approved training programs on their site, as well as detailed information and forms which can be found here.

Now, because the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) enacts regulations applicable to all 50 states we have included an excerpt from the Conditions for Coverage released in 2008 listing the requirements to become a certified hemodialysis technician (CHT) or patient care dialysis technician (PCT):

Standard: Patient care dialysis technicians.

Patient care dialysis technicians must—

(1) Meet all applicable State requirements for education, training, credentialing, competency, standards of practice, certification, and licensure in the State in which he or she is employed as a dialysis technician; and

(2) Have a high school diploma or equivalency;

(3) Have completed a training program that is approved by the medical director and governing body, under the direction of a registered nurse, focused on the operation of kidney dialysis equipment and machines, providing direct patient care, and communication and interpersonal skills, including patient sensitivity training and care of difficult patients. The training program must include the following subjects:

(i) Principles of dialysis.

(ii) Care of patients with kidney failure, including interpersonal skills.

(iii) Dialysis procedures and documentation, including initiation, proper cannulation techniques, monitoring, and termination of dialysis.

(iv) Possible complications of dialysis.

(v) Water treatment and dialysate preparation.

(vi) Infection control.

(vii) Safety.

(viii) Dialyzer reprocessing, if applicable.

(4) Be certified under a State certification program or a national commercially available certification program, as follows—

(i) For newly employed patient care technicians, within 18 months of being hired as a dialysis patient care technician; or

(ii) For patient care technicians employed on October 14, 2008, within 18 months after such date.


By meeting these requirements you can work in a dialysis center in the state of Kentucky. Exact job description is designated by the dialysis center and should be promulgated in writing.

To comply with paragraph 4 and be “certified under a State certification program or a national commercially available certification program” Kentucky has designated a list of training programs as approved by the state. You can either certify through one of these programs (list found here) or pass an exam administered by one of the following national organizations to become certified as a dialysis technician:

National Certification Programs

1. Nephrology Nursing Certification Commission (NNCC)

Phone number: (888) 884-6622

2. Board of Nephrology Examiners for Nursing and Technology (BONENT)

Phone number: (202) 462-1252

3. National Nephrology Certification Organization (NNCO)

Phone number: (212) 356-0660

To prepare for the exam and meet the training requirements in paragraph 3 of the CMS instruction, several online and campus-based schools in Kentucky offer programs with a dialysis technician centric curriculum. Some of the top choices in Kentucky can be found here.

The average salary for a dialysis technician in the Bluegrass State is $40,000.

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