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Perhaps you’re one of those seeking to pursue a career in the medical/health field, but do not wish to go to years and years of school to become a doctor. Not all people are meant to be doctors or nurses, but there are plenty of opportunities in the health field that need people who love to help others and make a difference. If this sounds like you, then you should consider a career as a Dialysis Technician.

Those suffering from kidney (renal) failure must undergo kidney dialysis. The treatment consists of removing metabolic waste from the blood and filtering it; something that healthy kidneys do on their own. This procedure is completely in the hands of the Dialysis Technician who not only must know the ins and outs of the disease and treatment, but must also be capable of comforting the patient through reassuring words of comfort and professionalism. The patient should be able to trust their Dialysis Technician completely, so that their worries and concerns may be lessened.

A Dialysis Technician is the person who handles the treatment of kidney dialysis. They usually operate out of hospitals or other clinics and practices that offer kidney dialysis. The technician will inform the patient on how the procedure will work and answer any questions they may have. The technician will also man the dialysis machine throughout the treatment as well as take notes on the effects and the patient’s progress. Any adjustments made to the machine during the procedure are performed by the Dialysis Technician. The dialysis machine also requires a thorough cleaning after each use which is also performed by the technician.

To become a Dialysis Technician, one must have the proper education, training, and certification. Here at Dialysis Technician Central, we can help you find everything you need for your education according to your state’s requirements. We have an extensive database with connections to finding the best schools, finding the right books and training tools, as well as what kind of certification is required. Though the cost of education can vary depending on the state and school, the average cost is somewhere between $3,000 and $10,000 per year.

A Dialysis Technician’s salary can depend on many factors, as does any career. Those who work out of a hospital tend to make more than technicians who work out of a clinic. As of 2010, the salary range for a Dialysis Technician ranges from $24,000 to $56,000 with the average being around $36,000 per year.

The potential for increase within the career of a Dialysis Technician is favorable. Once you’re a technician, it is important to receive continuing education through seminars, conferences, and trainings. Doing so will put you in a better position to advance in your field and increase your salary. In addition, the medical field is always growing and changing. To stay relevant, it is vital that you stay up-to-date on medical studies and advances related to your field.

Dialysis Technician is an exciting career. It puts you in a position to change your life and the lives of those who you will help from their suffering. It puts you on the front lines with battling a serious disease that affects many people across the country. Let us help you to find what jobs are available near you in this respectable and growing career.